Bishop Michael Anthony

Bishop Michael R.C. Anthony, was born April 17, 1964 in Philadelphia, PA. He attended Clark College in Atlanta, GA and later enlisted in the United States Army finishing basic training with top honors. Over the years he attended a few ministries and has worked in many needed capacities with a true servants heart.

In September 2001, he became the founder of the Heart of God Family Worship Center, a multi-cultural church located in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. Under the mentor-ship of Bishop David G. Evans, he further developed his biblical studies through various Shepherd and Ministerial Training Classes. Bishop Evans has pushed him to go deeper into the Word of God and to allow God to add to him even the more.

His heart for God, fear of God and life testimony has been the birthing place of his ministry. It has brought forth Deliverance and Healing to many people who ask, “CAN GOD USE ME?” God delivered, healed and set him free from a life of drugs, alcohol, and mental depression/oppression and brought restoration and reconciliation to his relationship with his wife: Pastor Linda Anthony and children: Warren and Justin. No one could get credit but God because it was His voice that said enough is enough and His strength which causes him to never go back. Through all the ups and downs of addiction he still managed to hear that still small voice of God and developed an endurance to defeat the enemy at all cost. His life is a life of praying, fasting, and intercession for the souls of individuals and the unification of families. He believes in tearing down strongholds and building up holistic and balanced people for the Kingdom of God.

For this cause it is essential that he continues to cultivate a haven of hope which he describes as : “A Real Church serving Real People with Real Problems, Offering A Real Solution” And that Solution is Jesus!




Pastor Linda Anthony

Linda Anthony is a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ with a purpose, mission and heart for the manifested glory of God's will to be revealed here on earth. She walks along side her husband in ministry and serve as Admin. Pastor and Women's Ministry Director.

Her life is a testimony that has brought deliverance and healing to many women. She has a heart that burdens for them to walk in excellence in every area of their lives. Affectionately known as "Mom", the Daughters of Judah Ministries was birthed, according to Titus 2:4. It was her personal testimony of praising God through an unhappy marriage that God now uses for His glory and her husband are founders of Harmony Marriage Ministries. She is a woman of prayer, fasting and the Deborah who stands beside him.




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Bishop Michael Anthony